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Geothermal systems are not as popular as solar thermal systems but they are an effective green energy option widely used in the USA and Canada these days. These ground source heat pumps tap into the free solar energy just like their solar counterparts, but indirectly by drawing what has already been absorbed in the earth’s surface over time. The performance of the geothermal systems will never be a problem as they are powered by underground temperatures which keep stable and don’t fall drastically even in the colder climate conditions as temperatures above the ground often do. Geothermal systems function as a 2-way air conditioner, serving your heating and cooling needs in a single system. The smart design of these systems allows them to pull heat from the earth through a series of interconnected pipes underground filled with a heat transfer fluid (an antifreeze solution) in the winter directing it to the house.There are four basic options available in geothermal systems. Your choice d


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Written by maichelsmith (#2)
165 days ago
123 Zero Energy deals with pre-sized self install geothermal systems that come packaged with everything you need to set up them fast and enjoy a subsidy offered by the local government. It gives you the option of in ground loop or well loop kit designs.





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